“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Henry Ford

Electrochemical mechanism of a medical wrist sensor. KTH University, Stockholm.

Multi institutional proposal led by Lehigh University for investigations into high entropy / multi principle element alloys.

Rural electrification infographic for 60 Hertz Energy displaying the various components of a remote Alaskan microgrid.

Personal device monitorization of wearable medical sensors. KTH University, Stockholm.

Graphic language foundation for the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society, University of Southern California.

Selections from a series of industrial product application illustrations for Des-Case Corporation.

Microneedles, used in transdermal drug delivery.

Solar Hot Water Cycle schematic illustration for Amatis Controls, Aspen, CO.

Wearable sensor applications. KTH University, Stockholm.