“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Henry Ford

Multi institutional proposal led by Lehigh University for investigations into high entropy / multi principle element alloys.

Infographic supporting the development of large-scale quantitative models for the strategic design of conservation plans to preserve biodiversity. For the USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society

Personal device monitorization of wearable medical sensors. KTH University, Stockholm.

Site Map for hydroelectric plant and surrounding parkland.

Electrochemical mechanism of a medical wrist sensor. KTH University, Stockholm.

Wearable sensor applications. KTH University, Stockholm.

Rural electrification infographic for 60 Hertz Energy displaying the various components of a remote Alaskan microgrid.

Selections from a series of industrial product application illustrations for Des-Case Corporation.

Graphic language foundation for the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society, University of Southern California.

Microneedles, used in transdermal drug delivery.